Extracts from some French critics:

"Influenced probably in his vision by a fabulous city that combines like no other the magic of light, water, mystery and stones, Brombo transposes in his strange dream an original atmosphere that takes its sources to real, even if his theme takes us to the fantastic. Brombo, it seems, has settled on the heights of such a paradox finally seeking more the essence of things than their fleeting contours. Everything seems to be bathed in a sort of imprecision that seems to refuse the definitive form in favor of a mystery moving towards its possibilities in the game of chance and light. In this way, this painting has a certain aura more metaphysical than surrealistic. With subtlety, Brombo plays on this alternation to affirm the singularity of his painting "
Source: Georges-Henri Courrier • L'Indépendant

"In all his works Brombo shows himself as a gifted and sensitive painter, very anxious to nuance and make evocative his lighting that uses clear harmonies very melted or delicately contrasted. The vision he offers us charm us by its unusual and dreamlike character "
Source: R. Aribaut • La Dépêche du Midi

"With his surrealist work, with his taste of the beautiful, of the strange,of the highly sensitive, this Venetian draws us on the Grand Canal glimpsed by a door wide open to the dream"
Source: Denise David • Nouvelles Littéraires

"Elio Brombo belongs to the vast world of the Arts ... He has approached surrealism with the fantasy that presides over the elaboration of his works and the metamorphosis that he makes to objects that merge with the poetry of his dreams. Brombo works his thought in its fullness "
Source: R. Rostany • Le Méridional

"Elio Brombo is simply a great painter, master of his design, his palette and his style ... If Venice and Italy have given the color, in a remote era, Brombo uses them only with discretion. He cares about the whites, the red that is life, the blue that is vibration, the green that is hope "
Source: Jean Tourette • La Marseillaise

"Elio Brombo is a visionary; this sensitive man opens the doors to a fantastic world where beauty is always present and drawing of great purity. .. the whole is slightly covered with a veil that makes his work mysterious in an extreme refinement "
Source: I. David • L'Amateur d'Art

"Elio Brombo, at his second exhibition in Marseille offers us his surrealistic visions of a dreamlike reality sometimes unusual, always fascinating"
Source: Marie Albe • O.R.T.F. Panorama des exspositions

"Elio, Elios ... the light is where Brombo managed to infiltrate it, discreet because it illuminates the inner world, that of infinite dreams and eternal poetry! "
Source: F. de Chamant on the occasion of a Marseille exhibition

"We can not classify Brombo, lock him up in a school: is he surrealist, symbolist, abstract landscape artist? He is all that, and a thousand other things, he is especially Brombo, the painter of the dream, the painter that I love, the man I value. "
Source: André Philopal • Marseille

"Footprints of extreme sensitivity, his creations seem to emerge from a world buried in the mists of time, to resurrect a style where the purity of thought joins the dream world. In this series of images, Elio Brombo does not propose a "painting", but a presence, that of a reality in his games of metamorphosis. During our visit to the Jouvène Gallery, we had the impression that with Elio Brombo we had to relearn how to see. "
Source: Georges Bavastro • Le Provençal

Extracts from some Italian critics:

"Brombo's images have the ability to open unexpected turns in the minds of the audience and push them to look at not only the surface of the work but also through it. Brombo is a painter, but in his expressiveness there is a kind of innocence of figurative freedom that allows him to pursue, sometimes unconsciously, perhaps "surreally", areas of imaginative poetry rather than figurative contours. In fact, the knowledge of these intentions allows us to penetrate to the heart of Brombo's poetic proposal and to pick the most authentic and important meanings. Elio Brombo confirms his imaginative vision manifested in a painting that seems to oscillate between the fantastic enchantment of surreality and the rigor of geometry. This is how images appear, always painted with great mastery, that seem to spring from a kind of inner light, secret, one could say, unreal even, and probably because of it emotionally suggestive and implying. "
Source: Enzo di Martino • il Gazzettino and Venezia Viva

"A basic surreal painting, but immersed in a dimension of tonal sweetness."
Source: Paolo Rizzi • il Gazzettino

"A philosopher, Luigi Ruggiu, wrote about him:" Brombo's work emphasizes his desire to build a universal individual ". And this universality raises his production to the level of testimony of the culture of our time ... The only reality is the man and his thought: the geometries that restore the order, the openings that presage that there will be a tomorrow. And Brombo, after a long and exhaltating search, develops new original works, with fascinating and persuasive results, so that recently they have reached distant China. "
Source: Bruno Rosada • Venezia Viva

"Elio Brombo presents interesting oil compositions that can be located between abstraction and the surreal atmosphere. Color has the first role; the material is light, spread in delicate hatches with superimposed tones so as to create soft shades and fades. And that is how a double key of reading is sketched out, whereas one sees, close up, this delightful texture, whereas by far one seizes the set populated with fantastic forms "
Source: Laura Faccineli • Nuova Venezia

"The inspiring themes of Elio Brombo are varied and enriched mainly by the presence of a color that goes beyond his own expressive theses to penetrate images created in a world where metaphysical theses harmonize with the surreal and the 'iconic. "
Source: Enrico Buda • The Vernice

"The world of Elio Brombo is colorful: he grew up in the middle of colors; it was his father, Angelo, landscape painter, who taught him the first secrets, the humble preparatory gestures and the great creative tensions. The world of Elio is a world of water, the water of its native Chioggia and our Venice, sea water and lagoon. And then there is the air and the sun. It is from this water, from this light, that Elio Brombo's expressive poetics was born, creating spaces with magnificent shades of color. "
Source: Riccardo Licata from the presentation to Venezia artist's book

"Lightness and harmony accompany this journey in the light, in its movements and its changes, in its magic and its secrets. And the flight of Elio Brombo continues, between visible and invisible, in a breeze of color, flapping of wings, seduction of a form, heat, energy, act of faith of a free spirit which, in front of a canvas continues to to be moved and to rave about with eyes of light "
Source: Emanuele Horodniceanu from the presentation of an exhibition in 2005

"All this at Elio Bombo gives way to a desire for absolute, to the attraction for the liberating passage. The work of this artist is something similar to the sensation of losing one's weight, being air in the wind and water in the sea; this child of the ball seems attracted by the impalpable line of the limit never traced between sky and sea, a motive which it manages to develop by transforming it into tension for the announced flight, for the waiting of the jump. "
Source: Luciano Menetto • Artists between two skies

"Elio Brombo continues in the realm of a surrealism that could be defined" à la Brombo ". The interiors, shortcuts, penumbra, split horizons, etc., can be read as dreamlike landscapes but are also "unexpected appearances" in the "evocative sense" deployed by nuanced rhythms, joyful, of an enchanting charm. "
Source: Giulio Gasparotti • Gente Veneta

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